Re-launching the Gigabyte brand through coding progress

New Gigabyte brand focussed on an iPad showing the newly updated website

After 15 years in the industry, it was time for us to re-introduce ourselves as domain experts.

During that time, we’ve been busy perfecting the use of domain-driven design to deliver the highest possible value to our clients. Too busy, in fact, to stop and think about ourselves. Don’t feel too sorry for us though, it’s been a cracking opportunity for us to develop our depth of thinking and internal processes – and in turn, deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

The Gigabyte team

The Gigabyte team

Our team’s ability to continually evolve is pretty unique if we do say so ourselves. At Gigabyte, we’re all strategically-minded, and we love learning. So we created an environment of knowledge sharing that would bring together our varying perspectives and strengths. In turn, we improve communication, collaboration and innovation within our team, which is precisely what we aim to do for our clients.

Domain Driven Design is known for leveraging various skill sets for the benefit of the project, making quality everyone’s responsibility and enabling the whole team to work together during every step of the development process. That means it’s vital for everyone to be involved from the start and during the discovery phase of the process. We know that, unless we wholeheartedly understand your business goals, we can’t develop a solution that will fulfil – let alone exceed – your needs. So, we’re meticulous when it comes to getting to know your business. We have lines of constant and thorough communication that focus on speaking your language and gathering your requirements. Our in-depth understanding results in our team delivering solutions for the long-term, with added value and the highest returns. So, you can think of us as business consultants who are actually interested in you and who are set on progressing your business. Our software is just the means.

It stands to reason that we needed a new brand which would represent everything we’ve learnt about ourselves and the industry along the way – as well as the exciting new direction we’re heading in.

Behind the Brand

Following a comprehensive brand workshop with our brand performance partner, Precept, we managed to delve into Gigabyte and put into words exactly what defines us as a business (it’s a lot harder than you think!) This became the foundations for defining our brand strategy, visual and verbal identity and the building of our new online presence.

The Gigabyte design thinking process

We established that our differentiators are:

  • our design thinking process
  • our tailored solutions
  • confident communication and understanding of our clients’ needs
  • and our elite team.

We’re forever improving our own processes, as well as designing software that’s ready to evolve and stand the test of time. So we wanted a brand that resonated with the technology and cutting-edge solutions at the core of our company.

Gigabyte Brand Guidelines

Our brand mark is made up of a coding bracket and semi-colon, characters that are heavily used when coding and developing. This technological feel has been further reflected in our typeface and our indented type, which represents the structure of lines of code.

You may wonder why certain words on our site are highlighted. Well, it’s another subtle nod to coding techniques as well as revealing hidden messages to the reader. The confidence and coherence behind the approach to our work are reflected in the statements that the highlighted keywords form when joined together. Clever, right?

Again, our new colour palette has been inspired by coding programs and language; while our user-flow visual style (the lines you’ll notice connecting the sections of our site) was created to mirror the meticulous planning that goes into all of our projects and the strategic process that’s at the heart of everything we do. Our process is explained in more detail here.

Just like us here at Gigabyte, every step of the process behind the creation of our new brand has been intricate, thorough and meaningful. We’re really excited to finally unveil our new brand and are looking forward to finding out how we can add value to your business for the foreseeable future – and beyond.

Rob Corley, Director at Gigabyte

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